Articles and information about ASP.NET Core authentication and authorization. Authentication is validating a user's credentials and determining whether the user has privileges to access certain information. Learn from the latest Authentication articles related to building Web apps with ASP.NET Core.

Tutorial: Create an ASP.NET Core MVC Website with Login and a Custom SQL Server Database

This tutorial will show you how to create an ASP.NET Core MVC Website with a Custom SQL Server Database in about 10 minutes. This ASP.NET Core MVC website-building tutorial will be used as a starting point for many of the tutorials on

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How Do I get the Current UserId in an ASP.NET Core Identity View or Controller

How do you get the current UserId (ASPNetUsers Id) in a view or controller? Accessing the current user ID of an ASP.NET Core Identity application is essential to creating user-specific applications and filtering data based on a specific user.

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